Back to School Essentials Facebook Class - Starting Monday 15, January 2018!
Well, it's nearly that time again! This is a back to school class packed full of tips & tricks you won't want to miss!
I’m sure by now you're well underway in your back to school shopping - you’ve probably got the books, shoes & uniforms sorted, however, did you think about ways to help your child remain focussed, calm & healthy..? Especially in those first few weeks as they slot back into the school routine..? Or if this is the first time they're off to school..?
Well, that’s where I’m coming in with some valuable information and suggested tools that you can implement into your year to make it one full of wellness and learning!
Maybe you're a teacher & you're looking for ways to help your children focus & for you to maintain your wellness throughout the year..?
Be sure to invite your friends along to join in the fun as well!
***This is an online event so the info will be posted over the course of 2 weeks for you to read at your own pace :)

Here is the link to Join our online Facebook class.


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